Sunday, March 22, 2009

Collecting Art Supplies

The last 2 weeks have been very tough for me. I have a ton of ideas but I got this horrible cold that I couldn't seem to shake. I'm back in the game again and feeling up to doing things. Spring is showing up and that has made a huge difference.

Lately I'm reading about the work of Mierle Ladderman Ukeles. I have been inspired by her Maintenance Manifesto and Flow City. When I think of the bags in the trees I am conflicted. Is my idea to remove them because they are bad for the environment or is it because I enjoy my relationship with them the sense of discovery as I notice. Hey look! "bagintree".
Everyday I drive home from work and I see the bags they become visible. I start to see them as friends along my route and when a new one appears I notice. This activity of marking time and my journey is very comforting.
Then I know the reality of them, they break down into more and more toxic substances as they get smaller and smaller poisoning the ground as apposed to something like a nurse tree that returns nutriants to the ground and brings forth new life.
Ukeles talks in her Flow City proposal about our relationship with the earth. Earth as virgin, the untouched landscape of the romantic waiting for the swashbuckling hero to arrive on the scene, earth as mother the giver of life the always forgiving and loving, and earth as whore something to be exploited and used for our pleasure. All of Ukeles work at Freshkills landfill is to banish these anthropomorphizing visions that have become exploitations

So here is my own struggle: Am I making more commodity for consumption? Am I simply responding to my environment from a holier than thou perspective? Or am I engaged in a maintenance project of change?
For now I'm looking into maintenance.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Studio Work

Progress is being made on the drawing collage. I went for a bike ride yesterday and found a nice blue plastic bag. I plan on incorporating this into theses ideas. I am also in touch with a lighting guy in Merrimack who hopefully can help me get different colored plastics to fool around with. I've been looking for interesting shopping backs but NH is very vanilla when it come to shopping bags.

I am frustrated having to be physically in my studio in order to work so I am fooling around with drawing and collage. Something I can do while at work and do at 4 am when it's too cold and dark to go out to the studio. Who knows were this will go but I've been given permission to really screw up this semester so I thought I would take advantage. Opportunities like that don't come up often!

Studio Work

This is done in Illustrator and I am working on cutting them out of wood for now but I have found a guy who does water cutting so the end product could be in metal or glass.

Studio Work

These are castings I am working on. I am still working out the bugs in my technique.