Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Currently I am working on this sculpture .
It is plaster and glass-it has a cavity in the center I plan on planting grass in it.
I am trying to decide if I should grout in black or white. I'm not sure about the shape It looks kind of funny to me (not a good funny) I can't help thinking it looks like a goose.

Another view
on its side

This image shows the cavity where the grass will grow

This is an image from my sketchbook- it is where I think I want to go with my ideas of the earth sculptures.

I'm working on an idea to make this a contained living system, complete with and irrigation system, using pumps and grow lights. I'm hoping I can power all my stuff with a micro-algae that pr
oduces bio-diesel.

These are details of sections drawn large (24x20) I'm working with the images of places where nature has taken back- a few of these abstractions really intrigue me I am just working with the images now. I have a few ideas about how I am going to represent them sculpturally but am still working
out technique details

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