Saturday, March 20, 2010

I have been slammed at work rectification for me and accreditation for the school coming down at the same time!
Anyway I have been able to get some stuff done, starts and stops and disappointing for me not enough progress...never enough progress.
A lot of my time have been occupied with researching a watering system for these works.
I didn't think that plant care and how to maintain these works would become so complex! I have learned more about pumps, check valves, solenoids and fittings than I'd care to really know. Gib thankfully is a bit more versed in this area and has agreed to be my engineer.

But the first signs of spring showed up last week! Little shoots of grass growing in the 3D sculpture! Yeah! they were so cute!

Filled with hope!

I can tell the sun is getting stronger the plants in my sculptures have exploded.

This is the grass a week later...

Buoyed by the appearance of the grass and progress on the the watering systems, I have begun a new wall piece. I hope to get the plaster dry soon so I can smooth it out and start the mosaic surface.

I also have plans to work on another 3D piece. I like the idea of 3D pieces.

I think I will be altering the plants in all my sculptures right now they look a little too cultivated I want them to be more wild.

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  1. Great!!! I can't wait to see this piece in person!

    I have no idea but how about lining the wire mesh with something first? Cloth? Moss? I don't know something to keep the moisture in? Can you use a smaller mesh? I'm sure you've thought of all this......