Thursday, April 16, 2009

A friend of mine told me a funny story of her grandson and his beloved blankie named Linus:
Joseph can go no were without Linus and when Jo Ann picked him up at day care she forgot to grab Linus. This was okay for a little while because of the newness of being with Grandma instead of mom but after all the errands were done and Joseph is heading home with mom a very clear message was heard. Jo Ann’s daughter Alison looked desperately around. “Mom I need Linus where is it” Oh I forgot it at Sweet Pea Daycare. “Oh” said Alison “I’ll manage.” As Jo An was driving home she call Alison “ are you okay do you want me to go back to Sweet Pea and get Linus” Over the screams Jo Ann heard a very exhausted “yes please that would be wonderful.” Jo Ann being the dutiful Grandma she went back for Linus. Alison was ever so grateful.
This ensued a conversation about “blankies” Mine was Lambie I still have him, Jo Ann had Buncky and Tim had Matilda the pound puppy. Poor Marcy doesn’t know were Kooky is. Her mom threw it out years ago.
This got me thinking about things we can’t throw away. Either it has sentimental value or we have a guilt factor.

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