Sunday, May 16, 2010

May 15th Opening...How Did it go?

Well I had the opening and it was not all I had hoped. This is totally my fault, I didn't do nearly enough pre event promotion. Okay! honesty here; I did very little. I sent post cards out very late and didn't send them to any galleries or local art people. That said I did try something out of my comfort zone so I have to give myself credit there. Experience IS the best teacher.

Oh! did I mention my camera broke. So I have to rely some video and stills from my friends. I fixed the camera and went back later in the day and took shots of the labeled work without people. So as soon as I download and edit the video and get some photos from another friend I'll be posting more later.

I think it was a good idea and I really liked what I did to pull it off I guess the 'if you build it they will come' philosophy is not the one to take on this sort of thing.

Here is an excerpt from my journal of what I wanted to happen I have been working on this idea in my head since February:

Proposal for an exhibition of found sculpture at the location of old Route 103 Warner NH:

I will create an art exhibit showing the forgotten road route 103 in Warner NH. This place represents to me as an artist the results of how the natural world takes over the cultural structures of man’s world once man has stopped maintaining it. Theses places are ecologically significant because they represent biodiversity during a time that is losing species at a rate of 27,000 per year. (Wilson, Edward O. The diversity of Life, The Belknap Press of Harvard university press, Cambridge, Mass.1992)

Humans need to become observers of our ecosystem if we are to “save the planet” we have no real appreciation that we are part of a very complex biology of which we know so little about.

What is needed to make this happen:

Permission from the town of Warner and the neighboring residence to hold this event?

(Turns out I needed no permission from anyone it is public land. I did talk to the guy who owns the house next to the spot. He was all for it.)

A date should be set May 15 (is my choice)

Print cards invitations

What will be at the exhibit:

The exhibit will take place at the bridge that crosses the Warner River off of Morris Loop. On display will be the found sculpture of route 103. Also on display will be photographs of other places this phenomenon has happened. Also on display will be the sketches and prototypes of an installation work by the artists about the nature/culture dichotomy.

This is what I ended up with:

I brought my sculptures to place them in this context. I like the boxes better on a wall here they blended in too much. But the 3D work seemed to be a nice addition to this made it a sculpture garden.

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  1. Nice!!! I love how the proposal is written up and the placards!