Sunday, May 16, 2010

New Artist Statement

There’s the old heroic story, where man is at war with Nature; the romantic version,

where Man merges spiritually with Nature; and, more recently, the environmental morality tale,

in which Nature pays Man back for his transgressions, yet all of them share a premise we know to be false

but we can’t seem to shake: that we somehow stand outside, or apart from nature.

Michael Pollan

My work is a mediation of time, and the incessant and irrepressible impact of nature, despite mankind’s intrusions. It reflects the fascination I have with the details of natural systems and the cycles of growth and rebirth within those cycles. Through photographs and performance I am investigating the role of entropy in the cycles of birth and resurrection in the new England area. Through sculptures I explore critical issues involving introducing a natural system (living plants) into the traditional presentation of a work of art.

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